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Use the Mouse Sensitivity Converter for free and readily Convert Mouse Sensitivity. This Calculator allows you quickly match mouse sensitivity between games.
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About Mouse Sensitivity?

Mouse Sensitivity is how much your Mouse Pointer Reacts when you move your mouse. With a higher sensitivity, your mouse pointer moves faster and goes a longer distance than you physically move your mouse. With a lower sensitivity, your mouse pointer moves slower. However, lower mouse sensitivity is desirable in gaming because it shows movement accuracy and precision.

Why Mouse Sensitivity Calculator?

Are you wondering why you should use Mouse Sensitivity Converter? Here are some of its benefits: -

  • Since this tool allows you to convert mouse sensitivity between games, you can make a game's 360 rotation and transfer it precisely into another game.
  • You will be able to perform multiple moves instinctively with this tool as it helps to develop muscle memory.

How to Use Mouse Sensitivity Converter?

  • All you need to do to get started is select which games you would like to convert from and convert to. After this, enter the mouse sensitivity of the original game you're converting from.
  • To have a glance at the mouse movement required to do a 360-degree turn, you can optionally choose a from and to DPI in the settings from the advanced setting.
  • After entering all the information, the Game Sensitivity Mouse Sensitivity Calculator will immediately calculate and display the converted mouse sensitivity in the final section.

What Next After Setting Up The Mouse Sensitivity?

Here are the things to keep in mind after setting up the Mouse Sensitivity.

  • To check if the results are adequate, play on these settings for some time.
  • Do not change the settings, if you get them right. You will observe a remarkable decline in your performance, when you change your settings.
  • The settings used by pro players are usually appropriate only for them because they have played hundreds of hours on them. So do not follow these settings blindly!