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  • 1st - 10 CPS 114514 Clicks in 5S
  • 2st - 10 CPS 114513 Clicks in 6S
  • 3st - 10 CPS 66666 Clicks in 5S
  • 4st - 12440 CPS 2488 Clicks in 5S
  • 5st - 9234 CPS 1846.8 Clicks in 5S

About Jitter Click Test

Jitter Click Test is an effective mouse-clicking method devised by the Minecraft gaming community to enhance users' mouse click rate. Gamers widely use this tool to dominate their opponents in various battles. With Regular Clicking Methods, you can achieve a CPS score of 7-9 clicks per second, but with Jitter Clicking your click pace gets doubled and you start hitting 12-14 clicks per second!! The technique may seem tiresome at first, but when practiced regularly with complete devotion, users can master it and generate more clicks per second in a short span.

Why Jitter Click Test?

Registering a few extra clicks in Minecraft and other FPS games like Call of Duty and Overwatch will make you stand out from average players letting you attack and counter your enemies efficiently before they counter you. Better clicking skills offer players a competitive advantage in such games.

The Jitter Click Test comes as a handy tool to boost your clicking speed in all these situations. It enables the users to click at 2x speed, letting them complete their respective tasks on time.

Other Alternatives To Jitter Clicking Method

However, when practiced for prolonged hours, Jitter Clicking can cause physical strain and various health issues. Users can stick to alternative clicking methods like Butterfly Clicking and Drag Clicking.

  • Butterfly Clicking

    Butterfly Clicking yet another constructive clicking method that amplifies players clicking speed by using one of their two fingers while clicking. This tool is specially designed for fulfilling the gaming generation's needs. It is more standardized and safer to practice when compared to the jitter click test.

  • Drag Clicking

    Drag clicking has been a reliable technique to boost users' clicking pace. It basically tests your clicking ability by calculating the number of clicks you assemble while dragging the Drag to the Drag target. It is easy to master, generates speedy mouse clicks, and is hence preferred over jitter clicking.

How To Play Jitter: The Fastest Clicking Game

Step 1: Open any browser of your choice. Navigate to the cpstest.io website.

Step 2: Head to the jitter click test section.

Step 3: Start the game by pressing the “CLICK TO START TEST” button.

Step 4: Make sure to keep your arms steady while jitter clicking. Additionally, never grab the mouse in your hands tightly.

Step 5: Secondly, place your finger on the two buttons of the mouse. To avoid any pain while jitter clicking, keep shaking the muscles of your wrist.

Step 6: Thirdly, you can push your mouse around while clicking to make the clicking process simple.

Step 7: You can simultaneously keep a watch on the timer, the number of clicks made, and your jitter score.

Step 8: After the test ends, you'll get your scorecard in a popup window.

Step 9: You can hit the TRY AGAIN button to reattempt the test.

Best Mouse For Jitter Clicking

Purchasing an adequate gaming mouse that is efficient in registering clicks is essential. If you are not able to figure out which Jitter Click Mouse will best suit your comfort, you can refer to some of our suggestions given below: -

  • Corsair Nightsword RGB

    Built with a comfortable contoured shape that naturally fits your hand, Corsair Nightsword RGB is an efficient mouse that lowers the risk of repetitive strain injury during jitter clicking. It has an ergonomic design is equipped with an 18,000 DPI sensor, sophisticated weight calibration, and ten programmable buttons to customize your gaming experience.

  • Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

    It is one of the most reliable and ideal mice for Jitter Clicking. Comprising a lag-free wireless connection, customizable 200-1200 DPI range, and personalized physical button layout, it ensures users with top-notch accuracy and efficiency while registering clicks.

  • Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

    Famous for the ultimate customizable options it provides, the Razer Naga Trinity allows users to take total control of their hands and experience the power of a real gaming mouse during intensive gameplay.

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Considered one of the best wireless mice for Jitter Clicking, Logitech G Pro has a lightweight mouse, a high-performance device, and accurate sensors ideal for jitter clicking. Interestingly, the mouse comes with an ambidextrous design that naturally fits your hand.

  • Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

    One of the most rated gaming mice for jitter clicking, SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse provides comfort when gaming, can register your clicks at the speed of light, and enhance your gaming experience. It has an excellent shape that fits all sorts of grips and hand sizes.

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