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Butterfly Click Tester will determine your clicking speed in seconds. Give the Butterfly Click Test a try today itself to experience a convenient clicking experience.


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CPS Test


  • 1st - 10 CPS 114514 Clicks in 5S
  • 2st - 10 CPS 114513 Clicks in 6S
  • 3st - 10 CPS 66666 Clicks in 5S
  • 4st - 12440 CPS 2488 Clicks in 5S
  • 5st - 5493 CPS 1098.6 Clicks in 5S

What is the Butterfly Click Test?

Butterfly Click Test is a Clicking Speed Tester that improves your clicking speed to become a pro in gaming. The Butterfly click test help users test their clicking ability the number of clicks they can register in the given time. It is about practicing and registering more and more clicks using your two fingers, generally the long finger and index finger.

Why is Butterfly Clicking Speed So Essential?

Be it a gamer or any typist, or any working employee, clicking speed may be a crucial factor for all. It is vital to have a Higher Butterfly Clicking Speed for the gaming generation to focus on making strategies and counter their opponents. For software tester, it’s essential to possess a better Butterfly Click Rate to complete their workload before the deadline. The higher your Butterfly Click Rate, the easier your work becomes.

Benefits of Butterfly Clicking

1. Strengthens users clicking ability:

Users register maximum clicks in the least time using the butterfly click technique.

2. Safer to use :

In comparison with other clicking techniques. It doesn’t cause any hand injures when used for prolonged hours.

3. Defeat opponents:

It helps gamers defeat their opponents and win the game.

4. Improve work Performance :

Typists and dealing employees have much workload to finish before the deadline which may be made convenient by having good clicking speed.

How does the Butterfly Click Test work?

The Butterfly Click Test works just like the Normal Click Test. The only difference is that users practice more and more clicks using two fingers, generally the long finger and the index finger.

Follow these easy-to-do steps to play this Butterfly Click Tester Game: -

Step 1: To start, launch the https://cpstest.io/butterfly-click-test webpage.

Step 2: Take a glance at the butterfly click test once the page opens.

Step 3: Here you’ll find a section to begin your butterfly click test. Hit the Click to Start test button to proceed with the test.

Step 4: After clicking the Start button, the timer will start instantly.

Step 5: Users have 10 seconds to make unlimited clicks. Make sure you stay calm and focused all the time.

Step 6: The timer will stop after a span of ten seconds. You won’t be able to make any further clicks.

Step 7: After this, you will be represented with your score. Your score will depend on your butterfly clicking speed. The higher clicking speed you make the higher is your score.

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