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Drag Clicking is the most effective clicking trick used by pro gamers to record higher click per second speed in less time.


Challenge yourself to measure cliks per seconds

10 Second Drag Click TEst

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CPS Test


  • 1st - 10 CPS 114514 Clicks in 5S
  • 2st - 10 CPS 114513 Clicks in 6S
  • 3st - 10 CPS 66666 Clicks in 5S
  • 4st - 12440 CPS 2488 Clicks in 5S
  • 5st - 9234 CPS 1846.8 Clicks in 5S

About Drag Test online

Drag Clicking is a clicking technique devised by the Minecraft gaming community that helps gamers register unlimited clicks within seconds. Hence, this approach gives the gamers a foothold over their rival gamers. Drag Clicking could be a formally known phenomenon that's used very often to register mouse clicks. This game is specially designed for fun purposes.

Features of Drag Click Test

  1. The Drag Click Test performs very well and increases your click speed because of its cross-browser compatibility.
  2. Its straightforward design makes this click test straightforward and straightforward to use.
  3. This test is meant for the gamers to practice their skills and enhance them to the following level of excellence to urge a margin before their adversaries.

Importance of Drag Clicking

You can make your life easier by playing the Drag Click Game. The advantages of Drag Clicking are pretty obvious. You'll get more hits or regardless of what the game requires. The results showed that more clicks lead to extra crashes and fewer knockback damage. Drag Clicking could be an excellent way to extend your CPS and improve your clicking speed.

You may instantly see a rise in your performance scores. Once you have the proper tool, it takes a little practice, and your enemies don't stand an opportunity.

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