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About APM Test

Action Per Minute [APM] is a term used in video games, that indicates the total number of actions a player can accomplish in a minute. In other words, it is an average rate of how quick your fingers move while playing video games. It measures the skills and pace of a person on keyboard. It is significant in battling and activity games and simple technique games.

Actions Per Minute Game

There is no normalized calculation for APM. Action per minute is estimated differently using various APM Test available on web. It is a fun and engaging game used to highlight and measure the number of actions a player performs in a minute in an action-packed competition. You can win real-time strategy and fighting games using the APM Test. This test is also known as Reaction Time Test.

How To Take The APM Test Online?

The first and foremost thing to take the Online APM Test is that users must have a laptop, computer, or smartphone with a stable internet connection. After ensuring this, you can follow the below guide to start: -

Step 1: Open your browser of your choice because our tool is compatible with all web browsers.

Step 2: Visit our webpage Head to the APM Test section.

Step 3: Select time variation modes amongst the 1 second test, 5-second test,60 second test and many more as per your suitability.

Step 4: Press on the Start game button to begin.

Step 5: You can see the blue boxes appearing on the grid. The users need to click on these boxes before they disappear.

Step 6: You can simultaneously keep an eye on the effective clicks, clicks, and percentage counters and play accordingly.

Step 7: After the game ends, you receive a popup window that shows your APM and EPM score.

Step 8: If you're not satisfied with your performance you can click on 'Try Again' button to reattempt the test.

About High And Low APM

High Actions Per Minute highlight the talents of a knowledgeable gamer. It indicates that the player is excellent at the game and is capable enough to take relevant actions in front of the opponents while playing, increasing their chances to win the battle. High Action Per Minute score in StarCraft 2 is 400 to 500 APM. During peak moments of gameplay professional players may exceed 800 actions per minute.

A Lower Action Per Minute indicates that the actual player may be a beginner, new to the gaming world. It highlights the eagerness and skills of the player. Regular practice and consistent effort can help these players boost their low action per minute score to high action per minute.

Features Of APM Test

  1. Efficient Tool- APM Test is an efficient tool that analyzes your gaming actions by determining your clicking speed.
  2. Numerous Time Frames- Customizable settings ability makes the usage of this tool much more convenient. This tool provides numerous time frames from 1 second test to 100 second test so that users can select the timeframe as per their suitability.
  3. No Additional Requirements- No additional requirements-Users having zero knowledge of APM can also enjoy the benefits of this tool. No pre requisites or additional skills such as creating an account or adding personal data are required to access this tool.
  4. EPM and APM Score- APM can be inflated by reductant actions. Hence, our tool displays EPM score or efficient APM, by removing reductant actions. Users can also see the click and percentage counters.

How Important Is APM Really?

  • APM Game helps you to improve your reaction time and develop the sense of reacting faster. This not only improve Response time, but it also improves your keyboard and mouse actions.
  • Games like StarCraft and Age of Empire need the players to multitask in real-time. Having a Higher APM Score in such games is crucial.
  • It is used in video games, especially in real-time strategy APM Test Games and fighting games. After the APM test, the players can play the game more efficiently, with better action and can get a high score.
  • A better APM Score will also help you in FPS games like Call of Duty and Overwatch. Normal video gamers can also try this test.
  • Apart from increasing actions, it also helps in improving your accuracy. A player who hits relevant targets with fewer mistakes have a better APM Score, thus having a better accuracy.
  • A Higher APM Score provides a significant advantage when you compete against players online or in Esports competitions. Professional Esport players have a better APM Score. It sets them apart from the average gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most players have APM between 80 and 100. Anything more than this score is considered a Good APM Score.

  • Get used to performing multiple tasks at once. Pin your Chrome tabs and utilize multiple Windows workspaces.
  • Regular practice plays a prominent role in improving any skill. Take regular APM Tests.
  • Stay calm while practicing it. Your mind needs to be crystal clear to keep High APM.

APM is calculated by determining the number of actions a player performed in a given minute. Various websites on internet help users calculate APM instantly.

Yes, this tool will help you become a better player. After taking the APM Test, players can play the game with better actions and can get a high score.