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About CPS Calculator

CPS Calculator is a free online tool used to test the number of clicks users are likely to set down in a given time frame. It tests your clicking speed in time variations of 5 second,10 second, and so on. Our tool’s aim is to boost clicking ability of users and provide them with instant, accurate results. Having a High Clicking Speed helps you register faster and you’ll usually land more hits in games like FPS games like PUBG and Minecraft. It has many clicking variations for convenience of users to move steadily from beginner to advanced level. You can also practice other clicking techniques with Jitter Click Test, Butterfly Click Test, Drag Click Test and increase your Clicking Speed.

Why CPS Calculator?

CPS Score Calculator calculates your clicking speed and gives an idea about how fast you can click with your mouse. It aids you in testing the superiority of your computer mouse and know its real potential. It calculates your clicking skills in a short period of time in a well-organized manner. And Provides better experience while playing your favorite games and score the highest in them.

CPS calculator is used by pro gamers to counter their opponents. It is highly useful in PvP scenarios in competitive action-video games where having a better CPS Count will allow you a far better chance to win.

We believe in the saying practice makes man perfect, hence we provide our users with unlimited chances to take the CPS Test. It helps them to practice regularly and become a pro at various clicking tasks.

This CPS Game allows players to share their scores on their favorite social media. With this feature, users can challenge their friends and invite them online to beat their scores.

Who Uses The CPS Calculator?

Gamers, Minecraft players use the CPS Calculator to enhance their gaming performance. The speed with which they click a mouse enables them to amplify their performance.

The faster the click, the more chances that a player can hit the enemy, thus allowing you to perform combos when attacking and take down your opponent quickly and without taking much suffering reciprocally because your opponent does less CPS It is beneficial in PvP scenarios and other FPS games where having a better CPS score will provide players an extra edge over their opponents.

How To Use The CPS Converter?

Step 1: Proceed with launching the https://cpstest.io Once the webpage loads, head to the CPS calculator section.

Step 2: Take a glance at the dashboard once.

Step 3: Select the timeframe in which you would like to take the CPS test.

Step 4: After this, press on ‘Click to Start Test’ button to begin.

Step 5: Keep clicking the button as speedily as you can until the timer ends.

Step 6: You can simultaneously keep an eye on the number of clicks made and your current CPS score.

Step 7: Your CPS score will be displayed in a popup window after the test ends.

Step 8: If you’re not satisfied with your performance, press the Try again button to reattempt the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practice! Consistent effort and practice are efficient methods to get a Good CPS Score. Other factors like purchasing a good gaming mouse also play a key role.

Yes, buying a gaming mouse may help you with your CPS Score. Gaming mouses are designed for demanding games. Their reaction time is much shorter than when we utilize a regular mouse.

How fast you can click on the CPS Test varies for different users. If you are dedicated enough and practice for prolonged hours, you can improve your clicks per second score to 14-15 CPS.

Minecraft can register clicks per second up to 2 CPS. The players having CPS such as 11 to 14 will aim precisely and counter opponents more speedily. Players having low click per second such as 1 to 3 CPS will not be able to give maximum hit to other players.